Privacy Policy will not disclose to anyone the name, email address, IP or other personal information gathered from anyone in the course of providing our services, products and advice, unless it is with the explicit authority or request of the author, or if the information has been lawfully gathered as part of an investigation. We will not disclosure to anyone the content of emails sent to us unless it is with the author’s explicit authority or request,

Information contained in email messages or attachments lawfully forwarded to will not be passed onto third parties accept in the course of lawful business activities. does not on sell information to third parties.

PayPal is a NASDAQ listed funds transaction organization based in the United States and provides credit card processing services. PayPal interacts with website. We accept in good faith that PayPal is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers in accordance with agreements we have in place with PayPal. We understand and expect that PayPal adhere with relevant United States privacy legislation.

In the process of maintaining statistical data about our website’s operation and its internet visitors we collect various data derived through cookies and other standard methods. Visitors can block such data retrieval from a visitor’s computer by the use of suitably configured firewalls and other software and hardware methods. The types of data we collect are the visitors IP, date and time of visit, entry page and pages viewed operating system and browser system, screen resolution and plug-in details. None of this date identifies an individual unless tracked by lawful methods employed by law enforcement agencies. The data we gather is retained by and is only used for the purpose of website management and development.

Any data given, collected, stored on computers or known of by is secured in keeping with Section 4.1. of the National Privacy Principles relating to security and management of personal information. We are aware of the risk of hacking, viruses, Trojans, web bugs or physical intervention with our computer system. Because of these risks we maintain several firewalls, the latest anti-virus software and attach tracking systems, both physical and electronic.

Sensitive data about individuals is encrypted. Data that is incidentally or routinely collected and stored by hosting computers is subject to legal protection and obligation imposed onto the owner of the hosting computers and we accept in good faith that the organizations providing hosting services to us protect the privacy of individuals about whose data may be received or stored on their computers.

Anyone wishing to communicate with us by secure method to counter risk of interference with email can request and receive our public encryption key under the Public Keys System (PKS) key to enable encryption of messages and attachments.

Should any individual feel that action or methods have compromised their privacy as defined under the Act, such individuals may request to reveal the information we have with respect to that individuals, or request that we delete that information. Anyone requesting access to such data must satisfy in accordance with the Act as

All or any of our commitments expressed above are relinquished when we are required to cooperate with a lawful process of a law enforcement agency duly authorised by law to access such data and information, or are required to relinquish such commitment under subpoena.

Frivolous requests for access to data will not be acted upon. Deletion of electronic data on our computers is carried out by the use of data and header wiping software, unless such deletion and wiping may compromise or damage other data stored under the same header or folder ID code.