DeVilbiss GTIPRO-H1B-13 Gravity spray gun. H1 450 l/min (15.9 cfm)

DeVilbiss has introduced the GTi Pro, a totally new development in spray gun technology, delivering a uniform paint application with a consistently high-quality finish.

The new GTi Pro may look like its GTi predecessor, but every single component has been replaced for optimum performance, and all aspects, from ergonomics through control and ease of cleaning, have been addressed and improved.

Among notable mechanical function improvements is the “spool” design air valve, which now graduates the feed of air through the gun, making fade-outs and blend-ins infinitely more controllable and precise.

Airflow through the gun has been smoothed and the fluid tips have been internally and externally re-profiled to significantly increase the fluid flows and make the same tip size suitable for a greater variance in viscosities. For the sprayer, this means simpler working practises with fewer set-up changes.

GTi Pro guns are supplied clearly marked as either “BASE” or “CLEAR” to make the sprayer’s life easier by differentiating their duties and avoiding mix-ups in gun washers (WATERBASE USERS).

The Pro painting process involves three air caps. The H1 is a HVLP cap primarily aimed at basecoat duty, while the T1 & T2 Trans-Tech air caps cover a range of applications from wet-on-wet primer to base and clearcoats.

Air Inlet Pressure2.0 bar (29psi)
Air ConsumptionT1: 280 l/min (9.9 cfm)
T2: 350 l/min (12.4 cfm) (Optional extra)
H1 450 l/min (15.9 cfm)
Air Inlet Thread¼” Universal
Cup Capacity560 ml
Weight (gun & cup)768 g
Air Cap and RingPlated Brass
Fluid TipStainless Steel 1.3mm
Fluid NeedleStainless Steel